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Add-in modules

Pub-Me CMS is a modular system which means that you can expand its functionality by additional modules. This page brings a description of currently available add-ins. If you do not find the requested add-in here, it may be a standard feature of the system included in the basic installation. If not so, we can program a custom add-in to meet your needs.


It is possible to add an unlimited number of polls to the web.

  • Unlimited number of polls.
  • Supports automatic grouping of polls – enables automatic displaying of an active poll, generation of archives of older polls, different groups of polls for different parts of the website or language versions.
  • Full control of polls’ behavior – you can edit the number of options, change the order or text of options and questions even in case of already existing polls.
  • Supports time-limited validity of polls (from – to).
  • Set up validity of cookies.
  • Define the language version that the poll belongs to.
  • Supports (but does not require) AJAX for voting.
  • Lock polls so that unauthorized administrators cannot modify them.
  • Easy addition of a poll to a document in a form of an attachment.
  • Polls are an add-in (i.e. are not included in the standard installation package).

On-line store

Upgrade your presentation to antoher level by not only presenting but even actively selling your products.

  • Unlimited number of products and categories.
  • Support of more stores within one website.
  • Flag settings (special offer, new, recommended, on sale...)
  • Administration of orders and invoices.
  • Full control of methods of delivery and payment.
  • Template system for convenient addition of products and categories.
  • Support of XML exporting (for example to price comparing sites).
  • Support of logged-in users as well as orders by unregistered customers.
  • AJAX interface.
  • and much more...

Comments plus

The module adds more functionality to standard comments.

  • Supports smilies in comments (the smilies are generated automatically).
  • A javascript modification of comment forms' behavior - the form automatically adjust to what the reader wants to comment, what they want to react to.
  • Guest books
  • One set of comments may be displayed under more articles


A module suitable especially for music bands, theaters etc.

  • Automatic generation of upcoming as well as past concerts
  • You can define the name of the concert, the tour, place, a link to the organizer, other bands, entrance fees.
  • Can display the time of the beginning of the concert.
  • Concert count. Canceled concerts are not included in the counter.
  • Overview of the nearest concerts.

Courses & seminars

Administration of courses and seminars.

  • A detailed description of a course or a seminar (price, discount for Users Plus, maximum number of attendands, beginning/end of a course, name of the lecturer, interpreter, information about the language of the lecture, a brief and a detailed description of the course, information about the place)
  • Course types: lecture, seminar, education, long-term course
  • An overview of applied course attendants.
  • Invoice generator (for needs of the company as well as students).
  • Overview of unpaid invoices.
  • A special page for students - an overview of their history


The module makes it possible to send newsletters to subscribers.

  • With this module, you can send newsletters.
  • It supports several independent groups of addressees. Besides specific groups of addressees, it is possibel to send e-mails also to registered visitors of the website.
  • Newsletter templates make it possible to create new e-mails with the same settings.
  • Addressees can unsubscribe.


This add-in takes care of administration and output of refrences.

  • Unlimited number of reference groups (i.e. website references, printout references etc.)
  • Reference preview image, www link, a brief and detailed description, description of carried out work.
  • “Said about us” including a name of the quoted source.
  • Selected references to be displayed randomly.
  • Automatic generation of overviews of references with optional fomatting (a list, an annotation with a preview...)
  • Fully interconnected with documents.

Multiple domains

This module makes it possible to run a single website on multiple domains.

  • This add-on makes it possible to use more domains for a single website. Individual language versions, for example, can have their own address.
  • Requires a special server setup.
  • This module can be used, upon an agreement, for special website sections but it is not designed to create multiple complete websites with one license - for x websites you need to buy x licenses.

Online demoversion

Try the administration before you make any order.

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Admin screenshots

Admin screenshots


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