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We provide complete web designing as well as related services: from consultations and analyses of the current state, through proposals of solutions, project managemnet, development of special custom applications, to testing, lecturing, and subsequent adminsitration of complete projects.

This page brings information about how we deal with projects and what services we offer.

Our solutions are based on demand and possibilities of customers. Each project is absolutely original.

Each solution is custom

Our solutions are based on demand and possibilities of our customers. We are able to deliver a complete website including analyses, consultations, and project management but we can also cooperate with your marketing and/or IT department, which will be in charge of the website.

Each project is quite original and involves a different number of services. Below described procedures thus represent a standard project, your requests can therefore be absolutely individual. 

Namely, the following topics are described:

Preparation of a project

Before the very realization of a project, thorough preparation should be carried out. In the framework of this phase, customer’s requirements are clarified and an appropriate solution is proposed. A precise price offer is then prepared – you will know in advance how much your project will cost. We offer the following services in the framework of project preparation:

  • Consultation
  • Analysis of the current state and a proposal of a solution
  • Preparation of a new structure of the website including a proposal of potential functionalities
  • Creation of a concept of the company’s presentation (independently or in cooperation with your marketing department). In the framework of creation of the concept, we will design new corporate identity for you or design the new web presentation on basis of an existing identity.
  • Cooperation on design of other (offline) types of presentation

Project development and management

Upon approval of a project concept, we will take care of the realization:

  • Project management (coordination of internal and external teams, reporting of progress)
  • Graphical design (graphics of the website designed on basis of documents created in the initial part of the project – website structure, design of functional components, corporate identity…)
  • Implementation of the content management system (system settings, xhtml templates coding, programming of custom functionalities, content editing, and other works leading from the concept to a functioning website, implementation of third-parties’ functions such as google analytics, facebook, etc.)
  • Testing on a non-public server (during the realization, you will have a chance to follow development on a non-public server. When the development is complete, you will have a chance to test the complete website on this server and on basis of your experiences, you will be able to propose additional modifications. If you are interested, we can provide you with user tests.)
  • Training of administrators (we will train employees – system administrators – in your company. They will learn how to update news, add products to on-line stores, pictures to galleries etc.)

Administration and future development of the project

Launching of a new website should not be the end of the project because an internet presentation or application is a living organism that should react to development on the market, readers, changes in the company etc.

Pub-Me Content Management System makes it possible for you to take care of standard administration in a comfortable way but installation of the website on the production server is not the end of the project. If you are interested, we will continue cooperation with you on development of your website so it would be modern and functional at all times.

In the framework of subsequent servicing, we offer among others:

  • Development of the website – implementation of additional functionalities
  • We can take care of standard administration, too, if you do not have capacity for it

Online demoversion

Try the administration before you make any order.

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Admin screenshots

Admin screenshots


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