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System requirements

All below defined system requirements involve just operation and administration of your website. Visitors of your internet presentation do NOT need any special equipment, applications, or settings. It means that the system is designed to generate as accessible websites as possible for end users.

Server requirements


  • at least version 5.3+
  • support of mb_string and gd2 libraries (they are not necessary for the system to work but they are highly recommended)


  • the system should work with all available versions
  • at least version 5+


  • support of mod_rewrite (not necessary but highly recommended for generation of “cool addresses“)

Administrator's computer requirements

Internet browser

  • recommended browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, if you want to use all functions of customized FCK WYSIWYG editor.

Browser settings

  • enabled JavaScript support
  • Flash (recommended for multiple file updload)
  • enabled cookies
  • allowed pop-up windows (enough to enable it for a specific domain)
  • recommended resolution at least 1200×768 (the system however obviously works with any resolution)

Website visitor

NOTHING. That is a a complete list of requirements for a visitor of your website using Pub-Me CMS (as long as they have a computer connected to the internet and a browser). It means that they can use the website without any limitations (i.e. neither Javascript, Flash nor any other additional technology is required). All advanced functions supported by the system (such as AJAX) have an alternative so that the website would really be accessible for everyone.

Online demoversion

Try the administration before you make any order.

Try online demo

Admin screenshots

Admin screenshots


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